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Big Al and My Side of the Story - Collection / Anthology

Big Al and My Side of the Story

Bryan Goluboff

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822213246

BIG AL gives us Leo, Al Pacino's biggest, you might say obsessed, fan …

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: DPS Collection

Collection / Anthology


Interior Set

BIG AL gives us Leo, Al Pacino's biggest, you might say obsessed, fan whose apartment is decorated with Pacino posters and props. After meeting a woman who works for Pacino's film production company, Leo has a chance to present a script tailor-made for Pacino. With his good friend Ricky, they come up with a plot for a movie while Leo proposes wilder and wilder hypothetical situations for what he and Ricky might have to do to get this movie made. Wanting to work around the clock to finish the script, making it his reason for living, Leo makes it clear to Ricky he's about to go over the edge. In a short time Leo becomes violent and the more realistic Ricky hurries out to get help, leaving Leo alone with his dreams of Al Pacino. (2 men.) MY SIDE OF THE STORY is set in the bathroom of Gil Ackerman, a powerful Wall Street broker who is sitting by the toilet, drinking tequila, his clothes spattered with blood. His son, Aaron, also a broker, arrives home to tell his father that he may have landed a two million dollar deal for their firm. Gil doesn't care about the deal, however, because he has been consumed with the idea that his wife, Sandy, may be having an affair. Aaron must suggest to Gil that perhaps he hasn't been faithful during his marriage either. Gil responds angrily and the father and son clash, but in the end find a common ground they hadn't realized they had before. For the first time in their lives they actually sit and talk, confide in each another, argue and in the end reconcile. They sit together, on the bathroom floor, waiting to see if Sandy will return. (2 men.)
Successfully produced at Ensemble Studio Theater's Marathon Festival of New One-Act Plays in New York, BIG AL has gone on to productions in Chicago and Los Angeles. These plays mix highly comic moments with moments of dark despair and pain, which gives them a sharp dramatic edge.
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