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Big Sur - Full Length Play

Big Sur

Frank Gagliano

Full Length Play

7m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822201182

A middle-aged man, Jeremy Chester, having won a car in a raffle, decid…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

A middle-aged man, Jeremy Chester, having won a car in a raffle, decides to take to the road and head west, his intention being to "talk to people, not to pass them to dialogue." His journey becomes an odyssey as, along the way, he picks up nine passengers of varied types and backgrounds an Italian, a hippie, a black militant, a policeman—and finds the essential humanness in each. Ecology, the military, racism, old age, protest: all are explored and illuminated as we come to understand that the incongruities and anachronisms of contemporary life are more than merely annoying or depressing—they are lethal. Yet the journey goes on, heading for Big Sur and the redeeming state of naturalness which may already have escaped us forever.
Originally presented on NBC's "Experiment in Television" series, then widely produced in university theatres, this challenging and provocative play utilizes novel theatre techniques to explore the new forces, some for good some for evil, now emerging in our society. "…one of the most creatively imaginative probes of the time's undercurrent of anguish that the year has brought forth." —LA Herald-Examiner. "…a delightfully profound exercise in contemporary existentialism" —NY Newsday.


7m, 3f

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