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Blood and Gifts - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Blood and Gifts

J.T. Rogers

Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

13m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822226079

"My God, Russian soldiers being shot by Chinese bullets. Sometimes the…

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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

"My God, Russian soldiers being shot by Chinese bullets. Sometimes the world is so beautiful." It's 1981. As the Soviet army burns its way through Afghanistan, CIA operative Jim Warnock is sent to try and halt its bloody progress, beginning a secret spy war behind the official hostilities. Jim and his counterparts in the KGB and the British and Pakistani secret services wrestle with ever-shifting personal and political loyalties. With the outcome of the entire Cold War comes into play, Jim and a larger-than-life Afghan warlord find the only person they can trust is each other. Spanning a decade and playing out in Washington D.C., Pakistan, and Afghanistan, BLOOD AND GIFTS is a sweeping, often shockingly funny epic set against one of the greatest historical events of recent history, the repercussions of which continue to shape our world.
"Superb! Engrossing and illuminating. J.T. Rogers' knowledge of the hearts and minds of his characters is as deep as his grasp of the geopolitical games being played." —NY Times. "Rogers' historical synthesis is exciting, admirable, and alive." —The New Yorker. "It thrills as a hard-hitting, high-tension story of power, loyalty and the moral cost of geopolitical gamesmanship…A gripping, sensational spy tale." —Time Out NY. "It grips entirely…Imagine that John le Carré collaborated with…a disaffected renegade from the West Wing." —The Times (London). “Sly, funny, informative, and heartbreaking…this is, in every sense, a great play." —Time Out London.


13m, 1f


Expandable casting, Flexible casting

J.T. Rogers

J.T. Rogers

J.T. Rogers is the author of The Overwhelming, Madagascar, White People, and Murmuring in a Dead Tongue. His works have been produced in London by the National Theatre; the Tricycle Theatre, where he was one of the 2010 Oliver Award-nominated writers of The Great Game; Theatre 503; and have toured the UK with Out of Joint and been heard on BBC radio. In New York City his plays have been seen at ... view full profile

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