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Bluebird - Full Length Play


Simon Stephens

Full Length Play

5m, 4f

ISBN: 9780822225744

BLUEBIRD charts a night in the life of London mini-cab driver Jimmy Mc…

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Full Length Play


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BLUEBIRD charts a night in the life of London mini-cab driver Jimmy McNeill. We share with him a night of his fares—the despondent and delirious, the inspired, inspiring and insane. Jimmy is a surprising cabbie: a writer fallen from grace, an amateur philosopher, a man of real soul. He treats his customers with amusement and compassion; he fields their questions, hears their stories and touches their lives with as much grace as he can muster. And every fare chips away at the heart of Jimmy's past. Exactly five years ago tonight, Jimmy's life was changed forever. And tonight he is on a mission to atone.
"Stephens avoids clichés in his stripped-down, brutally honest dialogue. None of the two-handed scenes turns out as expected, and each leaves you feeling as if you've met a real person rather than a theatrical invention." —BackStage. "This is a tender look at anonymous urban lives, revealing the desperate inner thoughts of folks we pass every day, people who share a quiet sadness filled with regret and fear, and yet who yearn for connection and meaning…charming." —Associated Press.


5m, 4f


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