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Bouncers - Full Length Play


John Godber

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822201380

Staged with extreme simplicity, the play takes place in a provincial d…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Bare Stage/Simple Set

Staged with extreme simplicity, the play takes place in a provincial discotheque—the Saturday night haunt of England's disaffected youth. Using the device of four tuxedoed male bouncers (who also "become" a variety of other characters) the action of the play moves from a group of predatory working-class youths, charmless and barely of drinking age, who spend their week's pocket money on cheap beer and greasy "fast food"; to their giggling female counterparts, who end up drunk and disheveled in their desperate search for a good time; and on to boisterous encounters in the men's room, and even an hilarious segment involving an imagined scene from a "blue" video. Performing at a nonstop pace, the four actors move from one irreverent bit of action—and impersonation—to another with virtuosic ease and, in the end, conjure up a telling portrait of a generation doomed to a humdrum present and a diminished future, whose "moral decay" is, perhaps, the inevitable by-product of a society that has moved from the glory days of a powerful empire to a foundering socialist state no longer able to fully accommodate the aspirations of its people.
A London hit which went on to a record-breaking run in Los Angeles and a successful presentation in New York City, this fast-paced, explosively funny, and devastatingly satiric play employs brilliant theatricality to provide an incisive (and moving) portrait of contemporary England's working-class youth—a generation with "nothing to achieve…no options left." "BOUNCERS is one part Marx Brothers, one part Three Stooges, one part John Osborne and one part Monty Python." —LA Daily News. "Hip, outrageous, delirious, demented. Choose your superlatives, but don't miss this tribal rite." —LA Herald. "This is a courageous and vital piece of theatre." —LA Weekly.




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