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Brown Pelican - Full Length Play

Brown Pelican

George Sklar

Full Length Play

7m, 5f

ISBN: 9780822201595

Having organized "Project Noah" to protect endangered species, Jeff Ta…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Having organized "Project Noah" to protect endangered species, Jeff Tanager (curator of the local zoo) is appalled when several rare birds are mysteriously murdered in their cages—and doubly shocked when he is accused of the crime. As he fights to defend himself and his family against increasingly scurrilous attack, Jeff receives support from a disembodied "Voice," and as the action moves on to a bizarre courtroom scene the "Voice" gives Jeff the absolute power to control the forces of nature. In the resulting chaos, machines stop, animals talk, the heads of state confer desperately on ways for a man to regain domination of his environment. But, as the exciting denouement makes chillingly clear, it may already be too late—unless mankind reverses its present ecological destructiveness and seeks out its true and proper place within the overall balance of nature.
An established regional theatre success, this unique and challenging play employs the most imaginative theatre techniques to set forth its cautionary message of man's impending ecological disaster. "In his black treatment of mankind's plunge into environmental suicide, Sklar displays flashes of genuine wit." —Atlanta Constitution. "…a must in innovative theatre, mad, witty, spirited and incandescent." —Charlotte Observer. "It is a fascinating subject and an absorbing show." —Variety.


7m, 5f


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