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Cabin 12 - Full Length Play

Cabin 12

John Bishop

Full Length Play

3m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822201717

The place is a motel in a small Virginia town, where a father and son …

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Full Length Play


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The place is a motel in a small Virginia town, where a father and son have come to make funeral arrangements for their son and brother. He was a truck driver, formerly a star high school athlete, who was killed when his rig jackknifed on the highway. As they talk about him, and his life, the possibility that perhaps his death was not accidental at all begins to emerge. Gradually the tension between the two men builds, interrupted at one point by an explosive confrontation with a noisy couple in the next room and while they are united in their grief the gap of communication between them, their differing perception of the dead son and brother, is increasingly evident. In the end we know that the death was not an accident but an escape—fleeing from the disappointment and failure which still infuse the lives of the family left behind.
Paired with Lanford Wilson's Brontosaurus in its presentation by New York's Circle Repertory Company, this powerful and affecting short play examines the tension and grief of a father and son who have come to a strange town to arrange for the burial of their son and brother, a young truck driver who has been killed in a highway accident. "…spare, clean, expressive writing . ." —NY Post. "…the drama leapt vividly and gracefully into life." —NY Times. "…a moving one act play" —Village Voice.


3m, 1f


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