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Cacciatore: Three Short Plays - Collection / Anthology

Cacciatore: Three Short Plays

Joe Pintauro

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822201724

In the first play, CHARLIE AND VITO, two brothers meet in the younger …

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: DPS Collection

Collection / Anthology


Bare Stage/Simple Set

In the first play, CHARLIE AND VITO, two brothers meet in the younger one's room the night before the older brother's wedding. They have been estranged and their conversation dwells mostly on their dead brother Eddie, who in life had been the bridge between them. Their talk, seemingly casual at first, turns more serious, and then violent—until the air is cleared and the basis for future intimacy established. (2 men.) In the second play, FLYWHEEL AND ANNA, a middle-aged couple from New York's Little Italy are summering in a small house on the Long Island shore. Although he doesn't realize it, she hates the place and yearns for home, and she is stunned when he announces that he has given up their city apartment and bought the house with money secretly hoarded over the years. Bitter over the realization of all that his withholding of the money has denied them and their children, her frustrations and resentments pour out in an explosive confrontation which neither had expected but from which both will benefit. (1 man, 1 woman.) In the third play, UNCLE ZEPP, an aging bachelor, preparing for a serious operation, cleans out his attic—and summons forth a rush of memories which, he senses, may be all that is left for him. (1 man.)
This trio of imaginative plays, while conceived as a trilogy, can be produced separately with equal effectiveness. "…an ability to write pungent, idiomatic, urban speech, and a willingness to let human passions overflow on the stage." —NY Times.

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