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Cakewalk - Full Length Play


Peter Feibleman

Full Length Play

2m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822215936

CAKEWALK follows the labyrinth of laughter and passion that exists bet…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

CAKEWALK follows the labyrinth of laughter and passion that exists between any two people attracted to each other—especially if one of them is 20 years younger and the other a famous femme fatale. Lillian Hellman, the legendary, glamorous, glittering, inscrutable playwright, comes to life again in this highly personal love story, written for the theater by the man who lived it. Spanning more than two decades, the relationship ricochets between bouts of tenderness and rage, humor and woe, sex and death, the story is impelled by the rhythms—the wash and backwash—of the human heart. (Accompanied by the original music of Carly Simon.)
"A brisk romp…CAKEWALK traffics in its heroine's private passions." —NY Times. "…the play emerges as bright, brittle…bewitchingly entertaining…The play is well-crafted and witty—the crisp one-liners, mostly poised indulgently between epigram and insult, are a particular joy, whether they emanate from Hellman, Feibleman or the osmosis of thin air…CAKEWALK is up and strutting." —NY Post. "Vivid scene follows vivid scene…an improbable love story that has about it a steadfastness of talent and a kind of cruel nobility." —Boston Globe. "…in CAKEWALK, Peter Feibleman has written an absorbing and moving drama, one that paints a vivid portrait of a sharp, complex woman whose vitriol barely safeguarded her vulnerabilities…" —NY Law Journal. "A witty and tender play…" —ABC News.


2m, 3f

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