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Character Lines - Full Length Play

Character Lines

Larry Ketron

Full Length Play

1m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822201977

Many years before the action of the play begins, Kit and Linda had sha…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Many years before the action of the play begins, Kit and Linda had shared a life together as they struggled for recognition as writers. Now, seven years later, Linda, who has become a successful novelist, is on a book promotion tour, and visits Kit in the small Tennessee town to which he has retreated. Their meeting is awkward at first—she radiates the savvy and energy of success in a high-powered world, while he has adjusted to the unchallenging routine of small-town life. But, as they begin to confide in each other, it becomes apparent that Linda, for all her acclaim and financial success, has not found the fulfillment she seeks, while Kit, who is still writing and carrying on a satisfying affair with his landlady's daughter, has come to terms with his hopes and dreams. In the end the two part again, sobered by the memories their brief reunion has revived, but enriched by the deeper self-knowledge it has also brought them.
The author blends humor and subtle insights as he explores the changed relationship between two writers, one successful, one not, who meet after many years apart. "…a very funny, tender and persuasive portrayal of a special moment of growth in the lives of three of the most interesting characters I've seen Off-Off-Broadway this season." —The Villager. "…an authentic romantic comedy, quite often both funny and touching. Ketron's honesty, his good instinct for character, and his sheer skill with words deserve praise…" —Village Voice.


1m, 2f

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