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Cheating Cheaters - Full Length Play

Cheating Cheaters

John Patrick

Full Length Play

2m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822201991

Faced with the responsibility of looking after their orphaned niece, T…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Faced with the responsibility of looking after their orphaned niece, Theresa and Angelica, two middle-aged sisters, have settled on the idea of impersonating begging nuns in order to send Tania to art school in Europe, but as the play begins they have run into double trouble: An agile young cat burglar is about to make off with their ill-gotten gains; and a suspicious policeman has followed Theresa (and her collection bucket) home. However all is not as desperate as it seems, as the personable young thief happens to be a medical student who steals to pay his tuition (and is willing to consider alternative means of fund raising) while the cop, as it turns out, is also not above taking what he can on the side. So the four join forces for some inspired larceny and things go swimmingly—or do until the supposedly saintly Tania turns up unannounced. Trying to hide the truth from their niece, Theresa and Angelica decide to "go straight," which also, unfortunately, means going broke and results in a series of hilarious misunderstandings. In the end, however, it develops that Tania is not quite the paragon her aunts believed her to be—but the confession of her own misdeeds (she is an accomplished art forger) is steadily forgiven when she also reveals that the rather considerable earnings from her illegal activities are merrily piling up interest in a Swiss bank!
A truly funny and warm-hearted new play by one of the American theatre's comedic masters. This time the action involves the hilarious adventures of two lovably larcenous sisters who impersonate begging nuns in order to put their niece through art school—at least until the police catch up with them and their virtuous ward pays an unexpected visit.


2m, 3f

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