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Comes a Day - Full Length Play

Comes a Day

Speed Lamkin

Full Length Play

8m, 5f

As told by Watts in the New York Post: The "central issue is the dour …

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

As told by Watts in the New York Post: The "central issue is the dour fate of an unhappy small-town family, which had once been rich but has lost everything through the husband's weakness. His wife is embittered and contemptuous, he is lost in a drunken attempt at forgetfulness, his young son treats the father with scorn, and they are counting on the pretty daughter to restore their fortunes by marrying wealth. A pleasant but unambitious youth is rejected," and the richest young man in town becomes engaged to the daughter. The young man reveals himself as an unpleasant character, but it's not until he really goes wild that the mother is willing to admit that her daughter shouldn't marry him. The daughter goes off to marry the man she really loves, and the mother is left behind to pin her saddened hopes on her son.
"A striking drama. It has a kind of glowering power, a sense of dark reality and an atmosphere of grim family tragedy that are genuinely impressive." —NY Post. "Exciting theatre. It is an acutely penetrating, completely absorbing and almost frightening 'right' piece of playmaking. Lamkin writes with incredible tautness and surprising understanding…in each case Lamkin goes beneath the surface of his characters and brings forth their human qualities and motivations…COMES A DAY is a fine play." —NY News.


8m, 5f

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