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Crossin' the Line - Full Length Play

Crossin' the Line

Phil Bosakowski

Full Length Play

5m, 3f

Kara, a small-town girl with an impeccable reputation and a brilliant …

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Kara, a small-town girl with an impeccable reputation and a brilliant future in prospect, takes a summer joy ride with Hayden, her brother's best friend. But Hayden loses control of the car, Kara is fatally injured, and beer cans are found in the car. Distraught, and convinced that his sister's reputation is being smeared, her brother, Mitch, demands vengeance from a legal system he's flaunted all his life. When Hayden's lawyer negotiates a better sentence for him than Mitch deems proper, he loses control. After an angry confrontation with the lawyer, Mitch stumbles to Hayden's apartment and, in a drunken rage, shoots Hayden dead—thereby compounding the series of tragic events which, ironically, were set in motion when Kara apparently caused her own death by grabbing the steering wheel of the speeding car.
Commissioned by the Delaware Bar Association, first produced by the Delaware Theatre Company, and subsequently presented Off-Broadway in New York City, this eloquent, powerful play deals with a subject of great pertinence to contemporary America: teenage drinking and driving, and the tragedies which can result. A story of love and revenge set against a very real world of mitigating circumstances and equal protection under the law, the play draws attention to the rights of victims and their families as well as those of the accused. "The writing is straight to the point and never lapses into sermonizing CROSSIN' THE LINE should find a home in school drama clubs and church theaters." —The New York Times. "Bold compelling skillfully written." —Wilmington News Journal.


5m, 3f


Reduced casting (Doubling Possible)


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