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DA-SHOW MUST GO ON: Six Plays About Love, Death and Bad Acting (Dashow) - Full Length Play

DA-SHOW MUST GO ON: Six Plays About Love, Death and Bad Acting (Dashow)

Ken Dashow

Full Length Play

THANKS. This may be the Thanksgiving from hell, or one where a family …

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Full Length Play


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THANKS. This may be the Thanksgiving from hell, or one where a family may actually be saved. The prodigal son returns to find a hilarious and unhappy group—exactly as he left them. His determination to change things touches them all. Well, maybe one. (3 men, 3 women.)HE AIN'T HEAVY. At the funeral for their brother, two men are at odds as to whom he was, and whom they are. With the help of an old friend, and the strong arm of the oldest, the youngest brother learns to say goodbye. (3 men.) TOP OF 16. At rehearsal for a new play, the scene is fairly physical and must be rehearsed over and over, but it only gets worse. When questioned about this, the director begs for commitment…that is until he gets a call saying he's wanted for a bigger show; then he's out the door in a flash and the actors commit to directing themselves. (2 men, 3 women.) JOEY-BOY. Claire comes home too late for Tom to believe she was just out with the girls, so he kills her. Or so it seems. The police come, find the body, but Claire jumps up and everyone laughs as it was all a ruse for Joey-Boy, the pet parrot who watched it all. Not amused, Joey-Boy hooks up the toaster with a puddle of water, and all three of his friends fry. (3 men, 1 woman.) TIME OUT. Will Jaimie Krebs finally play one basketball game after four years on the bench? Not if the Coach can help it. The announcer builds the crowd into a frenzy; everyone else fouls out and, with two minutes to go, they are short one man. Jaimie goes in, to the roar of the crowds, and brings home the prize trophy. Then—the coach wakes him up; he'd fallen asleep on the bench. Four years as a very good sport. (3 men.) SING THIS. Leon, the house janitor, cleans up after the local musical production. When Alan, the star, hears him sing, he invites Leon to join the community theater group. Leon will have nothing to do with it: It's out of his interest, his class, his race. Seeing through the arrogance, Alan spies an interest in music and drama and convinces Leon to give lessons in acting. The two strike a tender and delicate balance amidst raunchy language, veiled lies, and lots of humor. (2 men.)
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