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Dead Giveaway - Full Length Play

Dead Giveaway

Reginald Denham, Mary Orr

Full Length Play

5m, 4f

The setting is the living room of a boarded-up hunting lodge in rural …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The setting is the living room of a boarded-up hunting lodge in rural Ohio, the secret hideaway of a prominent U.S. Senator. A young couple, on the run after having accidentally killed a gas station attendant during a robbery, break into the lodge to hide out—only to be discovered by the Senator when he arrives for a surreptitious tryst with another man's wife. Thereafter the plot begins to twist and turn ingeniously as the young couple, aware that they have caught the Senator in a compromising situation, blackmail him for $5,000—only to have the tables turned on them when the Senator discovers the body which they have hidden in the lodge and realizes that the peril of discovery is as great for them as for him. Meanwhile his new lady friend, knowing that the Senator has presidential aspirations, decides to exploit his predicament for her own advantage. Needless to say the complications multiply steadily as the various protagonists try to outwit each other, leading, in the end, to an unexpected but ironically fitting denouement.
A clever and ingeniously crafted study in suspense by two masters of the genre. First presented Off-Off-Broadway by the Apple Corps Theatre. "…just about the niftiest original presented by the company to date…you are in for one hell of a suspenseful evening…" —BackStage. "…clearly the work of professionals in the craft of crime writing." —NY Times.


5m, 4f

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