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Desperadoes; Throwing Smoke; Keyhole Lover - Collection / Anthology

Desperadoes; Throwing Smoke; Keyhole Lover

Keith Reddin

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822203018

In DESPERADOES, Phil and Rebecca have robbed a convenience store and h…

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: DPS Collection

Collection / Anthology

In DESPERADOES, Phil and Rebecca have robbed a convenience store and have taken the proprietor, Walt, hostage. Now they are in a rundown motel on the Jersey Turnpike where Rebecca taunts the blindfolded Walt while Phil talks grandiosely of bigger "jobs" to come. The truth, however, is that Phil is a lily-livered bungler, and Walt is a boyhood friend whose store he held up by accident. As Walt distracts Phil with memories of their youthful escapades, Rebecca grows increasingly impatient with both of them. In the end she takes the money and drives off, leaving the ineffectual Phil to salvage what he can of his shattered braggadocio. (2 men, 1 woman.) The second play, THROWING SMOKE, deals with the tragicomic problems of a minor league baseball coach, Earl, whose team is so dispirited by the opposing pitcher (who is "throwing smoke" that day) that they have defected. In desperation Earl sends in his West German catcher, Ernie, to pitch, and details the third baseman, Buzz, to search the stands and parking lot for willing replacements. All is finally (and very comically) resolved, but to no avail; the game is canceled, and Earl and Buzz, left alone, light cigars while Earl regales Buzz (for the umpteenth time) with the story of how he once met Jesus in a bar in Panama. (7 men.) In the third play, KEYHOLE LOVER, Warren tells of how he used to spy on his sister, Stacey, through the keyhole of the bathroom door, and then, much to Stacey's annoyance, break in on her and her boyfriend, Martin. His actions create a competitiveness and sexual tension which are relieved only when Warren and Martin become close friends, with a relationship that seems to exclude Stacey but which is then abruptly and coldly terminated by Warren—who must now move on to anonymous strangers in search of the meaningful human relationships that seem destined to elude him. (2 men, 1 woman.) All three plays require the simplest of settings and a minimum of props.
Three unique and highly imaginative short plays by one of our theatre's most richly talented playwrights. Produced Off-Off-Broadway, the plays comprise a varied and striking triple bill but may be produced separately with equal effectiveness.
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