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Digby - Full Length Play


Joseph Dougherty

Full Length Play

6m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822203087

Digby is a bespectacled, rather mousy young advertising copywriter to …

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Digby is a bespectacled, rather mousy young advertising copywriter to whom most women wouldn't give a second glance. Which is fine with him, as Digby believes that most modern relationships are "sex masquerading as intimacy." But his resolve meets a severe test when he is assigned by his agency to work with the hot-blooded Faye, a super-attractive young art gallery assistant who juggles several lovers at the same time and considers sex to be one of life's more joyous prerogatives. Shaken by Faye's giddy bohemianism, Digby is even more rattled when she grows increasingly attracted to him—culminating in an hilarious episode in which Faye, Digby and her three current boyfriends (a trendy, avant-garde artist; a morose, tough-guy policeman; and a muscular but thick-headed would-be actor) all get together for an unbridled country weekend. Determined not to become just another interchangeable conquest on Faye's long list, Digby's good intentions are subverted when (despite his firm resolve) he finds himself actually falling in love—with consequences which are alternately liberating for both him and Faye but which, along the way, add immeasurably to the good-natured fun and sharply pointed humor with which the play abounds.
A consistently delightful, thoroughly ingratiating comedy which takes the revolutionary position that men and women can simply be friends—without the distracting factor of sex to complicate their relationship. First produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club (where it promptly sold out its limited run) the play is scheduled for open-end production Off-Broadway. "Dougherty's writing is sharp and funny, and his observation of human nature genial but acute." —NY Post. "…it is nearly impossible to resist Joseph Dougherty's DIGBY…the kind of snappy romantic comedy that writers like Jean Kerr and George Axelrod once supplied regularly to Broadway." —NY Times. "…the best romantic comedy of this or any recent season." —BackStage. "…there is evidence of a theatrical imagination at work every step of the way…" —The New Yorker.


6m, 2f

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