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F*cking Art - Short Play, Dramatic Comedy

F*cking Art

Bekah Brunstetter

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Short Play, Dramatic Comedy

1m, 1f

ISBN: 9780573670367

A pretty cheerleader who has her heart set on goodness visits a cancer ridden classmate, determined to take his virginity.

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: Off Off Broadway Festival Plays, 33rd Series

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Short Play

Dramatic Comedy


Interior Set


Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival

Winner! Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival

A pretty cheerleader who has her heart set on goodness visits a cancer ridden classmate, determined to take his virginity.

Published in Off Off Broadway Festival Plays, 33rd Series.



1m, 1f

Bekah Brunstetter

Bekah Brunstetter

Bekah hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Plays include The Cake (Ojai Playwrights Conference), Going to a Place where you already are (South Coast Repertory), The Oregon Trail (Portland Center Stage Fall 2016, O’Neill Playwrights Conference; Flying V) Cutie and Bear ( Roundabout commission) A Long and Happy life (Naked Angels Commission), Be A Good ... view full profile

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Jessica Penzias 4/20/2013 1:44 PM
The title of this play tells you a lot. It’s going to be edgy, unexpected, and likely funny. It delivers in each of those categories. It also, somewhat surprisingly, addresses big questions. Gal, a beautiful teenage girl, drives six hours away to visit her former classmate, Art, on his deathbed with the intention of taking his virginity. This setup could easily unfold into a simple farce, but instead, it introduces a complicated theme and explores the notion of faith in everyday life.

This short play by Bekah Brunstetter shows a lot of promise. Brunstetter achieves an irreverent, humorous tone while exploring complex topics.  When Gal arrives it seems she wishes to comfort Art on his deathbed, but in time, she winds up seeking comfort, guidance, and faith herself. The piece is littered with poignant humor and wit. Though the dialogue does not always ring true, —for instance when Gal and Art talk about a shared past experience it feels contrived, written for the sake of the audience— the overall message of the piece still resonates. When our chuckles subside, we are left to ask ourselves, what does it mean to be “good?”

This play has minimal set requirements and only requires two actors. It would be a great choice for actors' showcases and short-play festivals.

More than anything, this play offers an early glimpse into the work of Bekah Brunstetter and will leave readers and audiences wanting more.

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