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Early Warnings - Collection / Anthology

Early Warnings

Jean-Claude van Itallie

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822203469

In SUNSET FREEWAY, a young actress on her way to an audition is trappe…

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Collection / Anthology


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

In SUNSET FREEWAY, a young actress on her way to an audition is trapped in traffic. Nibbling away at a generous supply of snacks, she primps and chatters on about her life and career hopes, oblivious to the increasingly menacing reports on the car radio of an impending nuclear disaster resulting from computer error. (1 woman.) In FINAL ORDERS, two astronauts soaring through space dutifully follow a prearranged daily schedule until even their brief moments of amusement seem programmed. And, just as dutifully and dispassionately, they execute orders to detonate the nuclear device entrusted to their care as they hurtle toward oblivion. (2 men.)
First produced by New York's celebrated Manhattan Theatre Club, these brilliant short plays offer three varied but equally imaginative and disquieting views of the impending doom that modern man seems determined to bring upon himself. "The highly theatricalized imagery and free-flowing dialogue represent a return in spirit to Mr. van Itallie's most celebrated success, AMERICA HURRAH." —NY Times.
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