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Fair Exchange - Full Length Play

Fair Exchange

Kurtz Gordon

Full Length Play

8m, 9f

ISBN: 9780822203780

The Wilson house was a happy household until Agnes Franklin, a faculty…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The Wilson house was a happy household until Agnes Franklin, a faculty member of Wickapoque High School, impressed by the Foreign Student Exchange program, borrows the idea for the Spring Prom. An amour of her earlier years is a principal of a high school in Ohio, and together they agree to exchange their male honor students to escort the female honor students of their respective schools to their proms. Peggy Wilson, the Wickapoque honor student, looks forward eagerly to meeting Ched Armstrong, her Ohio counterpart—although her steady boyfriend, Steve Haviland, is not so happy about the idea. While they are waiting for Ched to arrive the radio reports that a young man has been found beaten and robbed on the highway, but then Ched joins the party and hits it off well with everyone. There is something about him, however, that makes Peggy's younger sister Diana suspicious, and she decides to do some detective work. As it turns out, the real Ched is the robbery victim, and the one who is impersonating him is a notorious criminal, wanted by the police in many states. By the time the truth is known the false Ched has taken Peggy hostage, but thanks to Diana and Steve, she is safely rescued, justice is done, and play ends as delightfully as it began—with a full measure of laughter, thrills and action in between.


8m, 9f


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