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Fair Game - Full Length Play

Fair Game

Sam Locke

Full Length Play

8m, 6f

ISBN: 9780822203797

When Susan Hammarlee, an unusually pretty young divorcee, arrives in N…

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DPS Acting Edition

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Full Length Play


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When Susan Hammarlee, an unusually pretty young divorcee, arrives in New York, she learns that she has one idea of what she's going to do in town, but all the men she meets have quite another. Susan wants to study psychology at City College—her marriage broke up because her husband left her for a woman who knew how to behave like an intellectual; however, every man she encounters thinks she should devote her evenings to him, not to study. Susan's being a divorcee complicates matters for her, since all the men seem to think that makes her fair game. Harry Bohlan, a young salesman who works for a dress manufacturer, gets Susan a job modeling, and the dress manufacturer, Lou Winkler, immediately falls hard for her. As do all the buyers and rival dress manufacturers. Susan happily goes out for steak dinners with all of them, and then leaves them to go to school. Even her psychology professor isn't impervious to Susan's innocent charm. She has written a paper on the psychology of wolves in New York; the professor refuses to acknowledge that actual research has gone into the paper—until he suggests that perhaps Susan should become his assistant in a long-term research project! By this time Harry is most unhappy about all the competition he's running into, Susan's ex-husband has appeared on the scene again, Lou, Susan's boss, is begging her to go to Bermuda with him—and Susan's life is all too full of eager men until she finally decides that it's Harry she loves.
"Humor and surprising charm…I don't see how FAIR GAME can miss." —NY Post.


8m, 6f

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