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Falling Man and Other Monologues - Collection / Anthology

Falling Man and Other Monologues

Will Scheffer

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822216681

ONE MAN'S MEAT. Someone's in the kitchen with Jeffrey. Jeffrey Dahmer,…

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Collection / Anthology


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

ONE MAN'S MEAT. Someone's in the kitchen with Jeffrey. Jeffrey Dahmer, that is. But don't be fooled by the tabloids and the sensational trial—this lonely mid-westerner had his reasons for becoming the notorious gay cannibal. In this tender cooking lesson, you'll learn about Jeffrey's parents and the bizarre emotional torture of his childhood that left him willing to kill for love. ALIEN BOY. A "coming out" story of a thirteen-year-old boy. TENNESSEE AND ME. The ghost of Tennessee Williams inhabits a male hustler and uses him to have all the sex that Tennessee couldn't get when he was alive. But after the thrill wears off, Tennessee's craving for intimacy and love returns. FIRE DANCE. A drag queen prepares in front of a mirror while discussing her idol, an older drag queen who died doing the "Fire Dance" that made her famous. FALLING MAN. A former cha-cha champion passionately remembers his love of dancing and the blistering sexual encounter that infected him with HIV. All plays require 1 man to perform.
A revealing collection of monologues about love, sexuality and gay male identity.
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