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Finding Claire - Full Length Play

Finding Claire

Kim Merrill

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822221555

After the sudden death of her adoptive mother, a rich New York City da…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

After the sudden death of her adoptive mother, a rich New York City dancer embarks on a search for her birth mother's home. She longs for a family connection but ends up with a family crisis. In an impoverished farmhouse in rural upstate New York, her fifteen-year-old half-sister is pregnant—and wants to give up her baby. Her mother—a stubborn, introverted woman who carves rough rock sculptures as a way to express her frustrations—wants her to keep it. Her grandmother wants to be boss. Armed with good intentions and a desire to help her new family, the dancer arrives at their door. When she's met with a volatile mixture of envy, regret and resentment, her assumptions about identity, biological ties and what it "means" to be a mother are turned upside down.
"…lovely, sensitive and engrossing…remarkable…takes theatergoers along for the roller-coaster ride that a woman might go through in meeting her biological mother for the first time. With plays like this and films like Mike Leigh's Secrets and Lies…adoption certainly looks like a superior option for the child involved. For the mother, it's another story." —NY Times. "…engaging new play…moody, wrenching and often touching look into the emotional lives of four women…filled with moments that all families will recognize, and lessons we all need to learn." —NYTheatre.com.



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