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Five in Judgment - Full Length Play

Five in Judgment

Douglas Taylor

Full Length Play

7m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822204046

The story is set in a roadside diner in the Midwest. A storm is going …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The story is set in a roadside diner in the Midwest. A storm is going on outside while two farmers complain of the hardships of farming. Bill and Sally, who work at the diner, are somewhat happier about their lot in life. Mack and Danny, two boys hitchhiking to California, enter the diner. The farmers, Roy and Paul, are immediately suspicious and resentful of the newcomers, calling them "bums" and telling them to eat and be on their way. The tension in the diner has reached fever pitch when a news announcement is heard on the radio—the sixteen-year-old daughter of a nearby farmer has been found murdered and an alarm has been issued for the arrest of two boys, whose descriptions fit those of Mack and Danny. The two boys realize they're in trouble and dash for the door, but the others grab them and tie them up. All Mack's and Danny's frantic protestations of innocence are met with scorn and derision. The men are arguing among themselves, some of them ready to hang the boys. Sally begs that they wait for the sheriff. As the men are about to beat Mack and Danny, Paul leaps in to protect the boys. This so enrages Roy that he hits Paul with a violence that kills him. Sally manages to get the Sheriff's office on the phone and is told that the murderer has been found. Mack and Danny are released, as Roy stands aghast, realizing the enormity of what he has done.


7m, 1f

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