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General Gorgeous - Full Length Play

General Gorgeous

Michael McClure

Full Length Play

4m, 6f

ISBN: 9780822204367

Striving for admission to the League of Superheroes, General Gorgeous …

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Striving for admission to the League of Superheroes, General Gorgeous is repeatedly thwarted by domestic hassles or by confrontations with The Blue Mutant, an arch villain who bends every effort to locate The Secret—a source of power that, he mistakenly believes, is hidden in Gorgeous' futuristic digs. As it turns out, The Secret is actually in the possession of General Gorgeous' father, Roar, a retired Superhero who is visiting from Florida with his wife, Mouse Woman, and who is shortly kidnapped and tortured by The Blue Mutant. The battle is joined as General Gorgeous tackles The Blue Mutant, seeking to rescue his parents, vanquish evil, and protect The Secret—while, at the same time, squabbling with his wife, Angela (who wants to start a family); mollifying his nubile mistress, Lilah; and trying to make his philosopher friend John Paul aware that the pretty servant whom he is smitten by is really a panda bear and not a woman. In the end, virtue is gloriously triumphant, but not before some telling points are made about good, evil and the transmuting power of love.
A brilliantly imaginative science fiction fantasy which uses larger-than-life comic book superheroes as a metaphor to explore the meaning of heroism and the timeless conflict of good and evil. "…an enchantingly theatrical play…" —San Francisco Chronicle. "It's flashy, it's humorous, and it's unpredictable. Moreover it's eminently theatrical…" —The Advocate. "…an alchemical fantasy, blending imaginary and animal characters in a science fiction world." —The Stanford Spectrum. "It's great fun, a great trip." —Golden Gate University Journal.


4m, 6f

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