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Ghost-Writer - Full Length Play


Michael Hollinger

Full Length Play

1m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822225379

Novelist Franklin Woolsey dies mid-sentence, but his secretary Myra co…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Winner of the 2011 Barrymore Award
Novelist Franklin Woolsey dies mid-sentence, but his secretary Myra continues to take dictation. Attacked by skeptics, the press and Woolsey's jealous widow, Myra sets out to prove she is more than just an artful forger. Is she trying to steal Woolsey's legacy now that she cannot have his love, or might she truly possess a gift the world can't understand?
Winner of the 2011 Barrymore Award. "An absorbing tale. GHOST-WRITER works marvelously well—a finely wrought piece of entertainment that does just what it sets out to do." —Wall Street Journal. "Tantalizing, understated and lovely. This engrossing, old-fashioned play is about the drama of writing—and typing—and creativity and love. People who care about semi-colons (and you know who you are), this show is for you…[An] extraordinary marriage between fiction and theater." —Philadelphia Inquirer. "It's many plays in one—a love story of the utmost restraint, an unbiased portrayal of a lover's triangle, a portrait of a seamless working partnership and a meditation on the act of creation. All that rolls out in about ninety minutes without a misplaced word or a surplus syllable." —Palm Beach Daily News. "The scenes that most crackle with English-language love are the working moments between Myra and Franklin, and not only because their sexual tension is as thick as cement. Between the rat-a-tat-tat clatter of the typewriter and Franklin's oral dictations and debates over syntax and punctuation there lies a deep understanding of the workings of an author's mind—the cerebral nuts and bolts that coalesce into what we call writing, ghostly or otherwise." —Broward-Palm Beach New Times.


1m, 2f

Michael Hollinger

Michael Hollinger

Michael Hollinger is the author of Opus, Tooth and Claw, Red Herring, Tiny Island, Incorruptible, and An Empty Plate in the Cafe du Grand Boeuf all of which premiered at Philadelphia's Arden Theatre Company and have together enjoyed numerous productions around the United States, in New York City, and abroad. These plays are all published by Dramatists Play Service; Tiny Island also appears in New ... view full profile

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