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Give Me Your Answer, Do! - Full Length Play

Give Me Your Answer, Do!

Brian Friel

Full Length Play

4m, 5f

ISBN: 9780822217480

The play is set in the home of the impoverished Irish novelist, Tom Co…

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Full Length Play


Exterior Set

The play is set in the home of the impoverished Irish novelist, Tom Connolly, and his wife, Daisy, whose lives are overshadowed by their permanently hospitalized daughter. They are visited by Daisy's parents and by the successful novelist, Garret Fitzgerald, and his wife, Gráinne. The question at the heart of the play is: Will Connolly sell his manuscripts to a Texas university (as Fitzgerald has just done) and thus acquire some much-needed money. This is a story of people inextricably bound together and of the loves and hates that proximity generates.
"ANSWER, whose title is taken from a popular song of the 1890s ("Bicycle Built for Two"), is a timeless play that understands that life may be more about asking the questions than finding the answers." —NY Daily News. "Most good new plays have, if you're lucky, one or two complex three-dimensional characters. GIVE ME YOUR ANSWER, DO! has six." —Time Out NY. "Taken literally, it's gripping, thanks to the nasty fury of Friel's language. Taken symbolically, it's even more so, with the daughter symbolizing the stunted, corrupt artistic lives of all parties concerned." —USA Today.


4m, 5f


Brian Friel

Brian Friel (1929-2015) largely considered modern Ireland's leading playwright, was born to a schoolmaster and a postmistress. After working as a teacher in Derry for ten years, he married Anne Morrison and moved to Donegal to begin writing in earnest. His first significant theatrical success was Philadelphia, Here I Come, which debuted to rave reviews at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 1964. He ... view full profile

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