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Good as New - Full Length Play

Good as New

Peter Hedges

Full Length Play

1m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822216384

GOOD AS NEW follows the disintegration of an educated, affluent Chicag…

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Full Length Play


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GOOD AS NEW follows the disintegration of an educated, affluent Chicago family—parents and teenage daughter—following Mom's face-lift. Devastated by what she views as a violation of who her mother is—an enlightened feminist—the daughter confronts Mom. Mom in turn blurts out that she took the nip-and-tuck route because she's losing Dad and suspects he is having an affair. Further shattered, the girl now engages in a face-off with her father, who defends himself by saying Mom has also "wandered." The first act, three two-person scenes in the family car, plants the seeds of upheaval; the second act, a single long scene for all three in the parents' bedroom, lets it explode.
A brutal comedy on the secrets people keep. "…Peter Hedges' marvelous coming-of-age play…GOOD AS NEW is as moving as it is funny." —NY Daily News. "A wry, somber comedy…Peter Hedges' GOOD AS NEW has just enough tart observations about how a few home truths can turn the inquiring idealism of youth to disillusion…" —Daily Variety. "GOOD AS NEW, Peter Hedges' smart, observant play about a middle-aged couple and their teenage daughter provides considerable food for thought…" —BackStage.


1m, 2f

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