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Good Day - Full Length Play

Good Day

Emanuel Peluso

Full Length Play

1m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822204619

As briefly described by Women's Wear Daily: "GOOD DAY is an interview …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

As briefly described by Women's Wear Daily: "GOOD DAY is an interview by a sarcastic and independent old lady of an ambitious young man for an undisclosed position. At the start, the lady is alternately nasty and apologetic, the young man restrained and polite. As the interview proceeds, the relationship changes and it soon becomes apparent that the lady is digging beneath the man's exterior clean-mindedness and supermorality. What she finds there is sadism, and when he sees it too he is ruined. He is finally hired as a domestic—the ultimate reversal of the dignity he had insisted upon at the start. The play is stating a basic truth about virtue as self-deception and as reality and, in outline, is pretty neat about it." In the end all pretense is stripped away, and we glimpse not only the truth about both of them but also the harsh and disturbing fate which is inescapably theirs.
A long-run Off-Broadway success, which introduced a brilliant writer to the American theatre. Masterfully constructed and paced with sure theatrical skill, the play details the confrontation between two strangers, an old woman and a young man, moving on inexorably from casual small talk to a chilling exposition of true character and hidden fears. "…an evening that gives luster to the new season." —NY Herald-Tribune. "…the talent that posed its lines and on the whole ultra-sophisticated confrontations is promisingly brilliant." - NY Post.


1m, 1f


1 non-speaking man


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