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Goodly Creatures - Full Length Play

Goodly Creatures

William Gibson

Full Length Play

9m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822204626

The play is set in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, at that early time wh…

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Full Length Play


Bare Stage/Simple Set

The play is set in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, at that early time when the first settlers were struggling to establish a foothold in a new and inhospitable land. Beset by bad weather and hostile Indians, the colonists were sustained by their Puritan faith—a faith that has brought Anne Hutchinson and her family to the new world. Gifted with healing powers and a knowledge of folk medicine, Anne quickly becomes a valuable asset to the colony. But she is also a mystic who believes that God speaks to all people with simple directness—a concept which earns her adherents but soon brings her into conflict with the powers that be. One by one her supporters give in to pressure from their elected leaders and the established clergy, and before long there are accusations of witchcraft and perversion. In the end the good-spirited Anne is condemned to banishment and a grisly death—the victim of those who fear what they cannot understand, and must destroy what they cannot bring under their influence and control.
A powerful, absorbing and brilliantly conceived drama which explores the tragic fate of a free-spirited woman who comes into conflict with the rigid social and religious conventions of Puritan New England. Designed to be performed on a bare stage, and with a minimum of props and costumes, the play uses deeply probing characterizations and richly evocative language to achieve a rare dramatic impact. "William Gibson has written a riveting play about an American historical event…It had more thought—and more plain old dramatic meat—in it than about 10 typical Broadway plays put together." —Washington Post. "…a muscular, flinty piece of work, engrossing from first to last, with language that has the texture of gnarled wood." —Boston Globe.


9m, 3f

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