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Grand Prize - Full Length Play

Grand Prize

Ronald Alexander

Full Length Play

6m, 3f

THE STORY tells about a private secretary, Lu Cotton, employed by and …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

THE STORY tells about a private secretary, Lu Cotton, employed by and constantly trying to discourage the amorous advances of her attractive, charming millionaire boss, Mr. Robert Meredith. Lu's life becomes humorously complicated when Mr. Meredith forces her to appear on a TV show, and she wins the grand prize: the right to be her boss' boss for 24 hours. Meredith arrives at her one room walk-up apartment and suggests that he start working for her as soon as possible. Outraged by this invasion of her privacy, yet attracted to him, she turns the tables and forces her boss to become her domestic. She makes him rinse her laundry, wash her dishes, and shouts orders at him as though she were a five-star general. Meredith vows vengeance and the basic poor girl, rich man conflict is established, then further involved and heightened with laughter by the advent of Lu's bright, beautiful girlfriend (Kate Wilson) who loves men, and the entrance of Lu's ad-man fiance, who hates Brooks Brothers clothes. From this point in the first act the play takes off on a hilarious spoof of everything and everybody, including: television, romance, psychoanalysis, the advertising business and amateur songwriters. After three acts of merriment it concludes happily for all concerned.
"When [the author] works himself around to discussing the advertising business, he is devastatingly funny." —NY Times. "Certain to be a winner…" —NY Journal-American. "A very funny play," —NY World-Telegram & Sun.


6m, 3f


Ronald Alexander

Ronald Alexander was born in West New York, N.J. After dropping out of school, he worked in a factory, sang with a band and was a boxer, then organized Broadway performers for a unit of United Service Organizations run by his sister. He also appeared on Broadway in small roles in The Patriots, Light Up the Sky and The Closing Door. As a playwright, his greatest successes were Time Out ... view full profile

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