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Gulf View Drive - Full Length Play

Gulf View Drive

Arlene Hutton

Full Length Play

1m, 4f

GULF VIEW DRIVE is the third play in Arlene Hutton's Nibroc Trilogy—th…

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Full Length Play


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

GULF VIEW DRIVE is the third play in Arlene Hutton's Nibroc Trilogy—the trio of Hutton's plays that began with Last Train to Nibroc (1999) and continued with See Rock City (2005). In the first two plays, a young pair of Kentuckians named May and Raleigh meet, fall in love, marry and try to reconcile marital expectations and their opinionated mothers-in-law. In GULF VIEW DRIVE, the time frame has moved from World War II to 1953, and May and Raleigh have moved to Florida, where the crush of dreams, families and the turbulence of events just outside their door threaten their comfortable life. Their dream house shrinks as relatives descend, further testing the couple's love in this glimpse of life in the 1950s, as they make unconventional decisions in a changing world.
"Exquisitely quiet, gently reaching…Ms. Hutton knows how to weave the epic and the incidental with the lightest and least obtrusive thread." —NY Times. "The Nibroc Trilogy will appeal to audiences hungering for 'event theater' that eschews flashy effects, demanding instead a long-term commitment to deserving characters caught up in trying circumstances…Hutton has done a remarkable job." —Variety. "An undeniably moving portrait of a changing America in mid-century. Compassionate, intimate…Evokes the small triumphs, defeats, and epiphanies found in Horton Foote's work." —NYTheatre.com. "Hutton's people are so real, bewildered and strong, and her dialogue so clipped and natural, that the familiar dilemmas are powerful." —CurtainUp. "Fine storytelling…Hutton is skilled at combining wry humor with pathos. She imbues her characters with faults, certainly, but is artful at making their lives believable." —BackStage. "A script that's both comical and moving. Hutton's characters are formed so fully…They're as funny, as exasperating and as problematic as people in real life." —Orlando Sentinel.


1m, 4f

Arlene Hutton

Arlene Hutton

Arlene Hutton is a member of New Dramatists and a MacDowell Colony fellow. She is the author of Last Train to Nibroc (2000 New York Drama League Best Play nomination) and the Shaker drama As It Is In Heaven, both of which were selected for Smith & Kraus Best Women Playwrights anthologies. A four-time Heideman Award finalist and a three-time Samuel French Short Play Festival winner, her New ... view full profile

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