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Her Majesty, Miss Jones - Full Length Play

Her Majesty, Miss Jones

George Batson, Donn Harman

Full Length Play

5m, 6f

ISBN: 9780822205135

This uproarious comedy concerns the complications that ensue when a po…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Interior Set

This uproarious comedy concerns the complications that ensue when a popular television personality comes to a suburban town to open a new supermarket. The Robinsons and their neighbors are average citizens, but when Monica Marshall arrives in their midst the results are mirth provoking and unexpected. The cramped household is increased by Clara Jones, attractive young spinster, whom Monica sets about helping to trap the elusive Mr. Higbee. However, without the aid of her script writer, Monica gets herself and the Robinson family into many hilarious and outrageous situations. Young PFC Ken Robinson, having met Monica at the army camp, has been nursing a deep infatuation for her. This causes Helen, the girl next door, to resort to drastic strategy to regain his interest. Further fun develops when Tim Hayden, ambitious boy-reporter covering the TV star's trip for the local paper, releases the news that she and young Ken are engaged. This brings Ken's Commanding Officer quickly to the scene. He and Monica are secretly wed. From then on laughter mounts and tempers rise. At the final curtain a miracle has happened, and Clara Jones has won a proposal from her prince charming, but not by practicing what Monica Marshall has preached. An extremely erratic television set and a nearsighted lady plumber add to the mirth.


5m, 6f

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