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How Much, How Much? - Full Length Play

How Much, How Much?

Peter Keveson

Full Length Play

5m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822205401

Set in a shabby apartment on New York's West Side, the play centers on…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Set in a shabby apartment on New York's West Side, the play centers on an attractive teenage boy who is rescued from a possible mugging by the very nice young daughter of shiftless parents and brought home by her for dinner. As it develops, the young man has both a knapsack full of money and some rather unique ideas about how to make more—stimulated by his knowledge of the mafia, for which his father is a well paid lawyer. Drawing the girl and her unlikely family into his scheme, which involves producing aspirin tablets and pornography (two low overhead, high profit items), the boy soon has them all on the way to fortune. But his real intention, to impress his father and to make him stand up to the mafia chieftain in whose control he has long been, fails to be realized. When the pressure mounts the father falters, leaving his son shaken and perturbed, but surely wiser in the very cynical ways and questionable goals of this world.
A successful Off-Broadway production, this imaginative first play offers a sharp and funny critique of our money-oriented morality and the generation gap that can result. "…an absorbing play sprinkled with touches of comedy." —NY Daily News. "…held my interest continuously." —NY Post.


5m, 3f


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