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Hurricane of the Eye - Full Length Play

Hurricane of the Eye

Emanuel Peluso

Full Length Play

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822205449

We are presented with an affluent couple; she is eroding her husband's…

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Full Length Play


Bare Stage/Simple Set

We are presented with an affluent couple; she is eroding her husband's intellect with inanities; he is sterilizing her womanly soul with his lack of affection and physical attentions. They are joined by an uninvited, unidentified black visitor, who stays—and stays. He announces that he has come to make a business deal, that he has certain information about the husband, and that the husband will want to buy his silence. But he never divulges his secret. He does, however, inspire fear—and physical interest—in both the husband and wife, and both come separately to confide in him. Ultimately the visitor and his mysterious secret are rejected, but beforehand there are insinuations, fantasies, moments of warm-hearted understanding and even suggestions of homicide in the give and take of the eloquent verbal byplay. In the end a "joyous calm" descends, leaving hints of meanings undefined but, with this, an illusive and tantalizing awareness of the true nature of reality.
First produced by New York's famed La Mama Experimental Theatre Club, this remarkable and evocative play offers a fascinating experience in Theatre of the Absurd. "…intriguing, elegantly brittle not a depiction of an existence, but an existence." —Show Business.


2m, 1f


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