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If We are Women - Full Length Play

If We are Women

Joanna McClelland Glass

Full Length Play


ISBN: 9780822215608

Two grandmothers, a daughter, and a granddaughter gather on the deck o…

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Exterior Set

Two grandmothers, a daughter, and a granddaughter gather on the deck of a beach house in Connecticut. One grandmother has flown, for the first time, from the Canadian prairie. She is an illiterate woman whose parents were homesteading pioneers. "If only I had gotten my eighth grade diploma." Her daughter is a novelist whose lover died recently. "If only I had a college degree." The second grandmother has driven up from Pennsylvania. She is an agnostic Jewish intellectual with a Master's degree. "If only I had gone to Oxford." The granddaughter is eighteen and is slated to go to Yale in the autumn. After staying out all night with a young man, she arrives on the scene to announce a reversal of plans. The three older women discuss their pasts and presents poetically, poignantly and humorously as they attempt to pass down the wisdom of their years. When the granddaughter disregards all that she hears, the prairie grandmother observes that "every time a kid is born, we start from zero."
"IF WE ARE WOMEN is an oasis of insight and honesty." —Vancouver Sun. "In IF WE ARE WOMEN, Joanna Glass delivers enough humour, compassion and hope to touch everyone who sees it." —Globe and Mail. "Elegant and eloquent theatre." —Toronto Star. "IF WE ARE WOMEN is a thoughtful, melancholic debate. The play refuses to be politically correct or trendy." —International Herald-Tribune. "…This play is tenderly affecting. There are enough funny lines to keep tears safely at bay for two hours." —London Financial Times.



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