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Impassioned Embraces - Full Length Play

Impassioned Embraces

John Pielmeier

Full Length Play

3m, 3f

ISBN: 9780822205562

Designed to be presented by a company of six actors (three men, three …

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: DPS Acting Edition

Full Length Play


Bare Stage/Simple Set

Designed to be presented by a company of six actors (three men, three women and without any formal setting, the fourteen short pieces that comprise IMPASSIONED EMBRACES offer a wealth of intriguing possibilities for the performers. Dealing largely with the many aspects of love (from the sublime to the ridiculous) and with the trials and terrors that actors must face, the plays mingle hilarity and poignancy as they explore the problems that romance—and the need for self-expression—can engender. We encounter, for example, an actor struggling through a particularly devastating rehearsal; two teenagers gingerly dissecting a frog—and their sex lives; a bridegroom who finds that he really loves the bridesmaid rather than the bride; a woman (masquerading as a man) who tries to pick up a man (masquerading as a woman) in a bar; a couple chattering through a "splatter film" whose conversation is even wilder, and more intriguing, than the soundtrack of the movie; an assortment of sad/funny monologues about the various perils (and pleasures) of the acting profession; and a wildly funny farce involving a man about to undergo a vasectomy, a shockingly inept doctor, an irate (and pregnant) nurse, and the doctor's madly jealous wife. Fast-moving and highly inventive throughout, the program maintains a mood of high spirits and offbeat humor that will infect those on both sides of the footlights, as the hilarity—and truth—of the various pieces find their mark.
A varied and uniquely imaginative program of fourteen short pieces which blend together into a remarkable and highly satisfying evening of theatre. Running the gamut from hilarious farce to revealing monologue, the component pieces may also be presented separately, or in varying combinations to fit specific production requirements.


3m, 3f

John Pielmeier

John Pielmeier

John Pielmeier began his career as an actor, working at Actors Theatre of Louisville, the Guthrie Theater, Milwaukee Rep, Alaska Rep, Baltimore’s Center Stage, and the Eugene O’Neill National Playwrights’ Conference. It was at the O’Neill that his play Agnes of God was first staged. A co-winner of the Great American Play contest, Agnes premiered professionally at Actors Theatre of Louisville, ... view full profile

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