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Jealousy and There are No Sacher Tortes in Our Society! - Collection / Anthology

Jealousy and There are No Sacher Tortes in Our Society!

Murray Schisgal

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822205883

JEALOUSY. When Jerry Stone comes home to his luxurious Manhattan apart…

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Collection / Anthology

JEALOUSY. When Jerry Stone comes home to his luxurious Manhattan apartment for dinner he is in exceptionally high spirits. His business is apparently doing well; his sex life is eminently satisfying; and both he and his wife, Nina, appear to be happier than they have ever been. But then the cracks appear: Nina confesses that she has been carrying on an affair with the elevator man for the past twelve years; and Jerry abruptly confesses that they are on the edge of bankruptcy. The Stones are then visited by Robert Ginsburg, Jerry's oldest friend, whom they haven't seen for many years. Robert, who has developed the power to predict the future, tells Jerry that Demco Petro (a stock Jerry had just sold to raise cash) will open $28 a share higher in the morning—which means that if Jerry had held on a day longer he would have realized a profit of $70,000! Shattered, Jerry and Nina move slowly away from each other, their life in ruins, as thunder and lightning crash ominously in the background. (2 men, 1 woman.) THERE ARE NO SACHER TORTES IN OUR SOCIETY! Janice and Alex Krieger, an apparently congenial couple, live in a comfortable (if rather messy) Manhattan apartment. One afternoon, however, when Janice is trying to clean up the place a bit, their domestic tranquillity is disrupted by the arrival of Alex's long lost brother, Max, who suddenly appears, complete with full beard and carrying a canary in a cage. Max's behavior is frantic and decidedly odd: He smashes a window with a frying pan in order to air out the apartment, and he abruptly disappears, only to resurface when Alex arrives home from work. Happy to be united with his brother after so many years, Max regales the impressionable Alex with tales of his wild escapades as a drifter, convincing Alex that marriage is stifling and that a man must get out on his own to experience life at its fullest. Alex, drawing himself together, then confronts Janice, announces that their marriage is over, and departs defiantly with Max. Six months later, however, we discover that Alex and Max, now both seedy drifters and distressingly dependent on each other, are the ones who have sunk into a tiresome rut; while Janice, contentedly living by herself, has been promoted to a managerial position in the department store where Alex once worked. (2 men, 1 woman.)
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