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Journey to the Day - Full Length Play

Journey to the Day

Roger O. Hirson

Full Length Play

5m, 4f, 1boy(s)

ISBN: 9780822206019

As described by John G. Mitchell, the play "…concerns itself with six …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

As described by John G. Mitchell, the play "…concerns itself with six mental patients in group therapy at a state hospital, with the psychiatrist who directs their sessions, and with their mutual journey toward the day of recovery. The development of each character, from the first sullen groping session, builds scene by scene to the final meeting of the group. The patients begin to understand one another and their own problems. Even Martha, the girl who chooses to remain mute, registers an awareness of a world outside herself. Shirley Knight, Jack Hollander, Flora Campbell, Paul Sand and Peter DeVise etch memorable portraits in their respective roles: the religious girl stained by guilt, the abrasive extrovert, the frustrated mother, the confused kook, the mama's boy." And, while the psychiatrist is doubtful of his assignment at the outset, his dedication and concern bear fruit when he is able to send one of his patients home for a trial visit—a milestone for all of them in their journeys toward the day of eventual recovery and reinstatement to society.
An Off-Broadway success, this affecting play is an engrossing study of a select unit of mental patients undergoing group therapy. "…a triumph on the stage." —NY Journal-American. "…consistently absorbing and remarkably believable…" —Women's Wear Daily. "…interesting, moving and always holding writing…" —NY Daily News.


5m, 4f, 1boy(s)


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