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Junk Yard - Full Length Play

Junk Yard

Lewis John Carlino

Full Length Play

4m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822206057

Simon Peterson and his daughter, Anne, run a junk yard. Both have a sp…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Simon Peterson and his daughter, Anne, run a junk yard. Both have a special feeling about their work. To them, a junk yard is a place where things come to keep from becoming junk; things that can be patched and painted and become useful once again in people's lives. Into this atmosphere comes a wounded young stranger who has just attempted a hold-up. At gunpoint, he forces Simon to hide him from the police. Instantly, Simon realizes the great challenge. Here is the most valuable piece of merchandise he's ever had in his yard; a piece of human junk! A man frightened and discarded by a society he can neither face nor understand. The only thing that can save him is love and gentleness. The gentleness, Simon can offer, but the man needs the sort of love only a woman, only Simon's daughter, Anne, can give. Simon contrives to leave the two alone for a while, and in those magic minutes, we realize Anne, also, longs for this kind of love. The two reach for each other like little children. Simon returns to find his plan has worked: Anne has promised to wait for the stranger. With her love to come back to, the man can give himself up and face the society he has attacked. At last, Simon has saved something more than a baby carriage or a chair. The challenge has been met!


4m, 1f

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