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Juno's Swans - Full Length Play

Juno's Swans

E. Katherine Kerr

Full Length Play

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822206040

Cary, an aspiring actress, lives in a one-room, windowless apartment o…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Cary, an aspiring actress, lives in a one-room, windowless apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. She is a talented performer but a sloppy housekeeper. Dough, her ex-boyfriend and sometimes roommate, is a composer and lyricist who has written a musicalized version of As You Like It, presently in workshop with Cary in the starring role. He survives by driving a cab and pushing marijuana. Their lives are suddenly disrupted by the unexpected arrival from California of Cary's older sister, Cecilia, who has left her husband and two children after an argument. The two sisters are extreme opposites. Cary uses foul language and is fiercely independent and ambitious. Cecilia is well-groomed and conformist and is looked at askance for her straight-laced style of living. No sooner has Cecilia appeared than she transforms Cary's rattrap of an an apartment into a decent, even attractive place to live, adding insult to injury by cooking up a gourmet meal, much to Doug's delight and amazement. But the sparks really begin to fly when Cary discovers that Cecilia and Doug have spent the night together, after having shared a joint. From then on, the play moves hilariously to its conclusion. By seeing the value of change in their lives, the two sisters are reconciled; Doug's musical is optioned for Broadway, with Cary in the lead; and everything works out to the satisfaction of all, especially the audiences.
A charming, lighthearted yet serious comedy about two sisters who seem to have nothing in common, but who discover to their and the audience's delight the strong bond that actually exists between them. "It flies!" —NY Post. "It soars!" —USA Today. "Vastly entertaining!" —Newhouse Newspapers. "Don't miss JUNO'S SWANS!…A real live situation." —NY Daily News.


2m, 1f

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