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Kiss and Tell - Full Length Play

Kiss and Tell

F. Hugh Herbert

Full Length Play

9m, 6f

ISBN: 9780822206187

Corliss Archer, going on sixteen, is a trial to her family and at the …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Corliss Archer, going on sixteen, is a trial to her family and at the same time a pure delight. She can't stand not being grown up, and when Private Earhart is entertained by the Archers, Corliss plays the young lady and almost precipitates a catastrophe when she considers it a point of honor not to give away the secret that Mildred is the girl her brother Lennie has married. It started when Mildred and Corliss sold kisses for charity and Mildred was accused by the Archers of being a bad influence. This led to complications that seemed serious to the parties concerned, but are delightfully funny to others. Meantime, Lennie became engaged to Mildred in spite of the feud between the Pringles (Mildred's family) and the Archers, and Corliss had to be let in on the secret. That was nothing compared with what happened when the Pringles, on what seemed good evidence, gleefully informed the Archers that Corliss is going to have a baby. As a matter of fact it is Mildred who is in that situation and Corliss, sworn to secrecy, will not speak. This being so, the Archers and Pringles take Corliss' silence as an admission of guilt. Not until the very end is Corliss cleared. (Suggested alterations in the text are included.)
John Anderson wrote of this play, "Loud laughs and many of them shook whatever the Biltmore Theater uses for rafters last night when George Abbott presented a fresh, funny, and completely beguiling comedy about a small town Junior Miss."


9m, 6f


(including boys and girls)

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