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Large Window on a Small World - Full Length Play

Large Window on a Small World

Maurice Hill

Full Length Play

4m, 4f

Still living with his widowed mother, at an age when most of his conte…

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Still living with his widowed mother, at an age when most of his contemporaries are well settled into married life, Tad Snow is satisfied to pursue his job with a toy company, his chemical experiments and his busy correspondence with a sympathetic young French girl. But the time has come to exchange photos and Tad, conscious of his own rather unimpressive physique, sends off a picture of a muscular male model who lives nearby. So far so good—until his beauteous pen pal suddenly arrives from France to participate in the Miss World Subway contest and rushes over to meet Tad in the flesh. Mistaken identity, the suspicions of a possessive mother and the disastrous efforts of well-meaning friends all contribute to the antic events that follow—but somehow things do ultimately fall into place, and all emerge happier (or at least wiser) in the end.
Blending hilarity with moments of poignancy, this delightful comedy makes great fun of the problems that arise when a shy young man is suddenly confronted with the beautiful French girl with whom he has carried on an impassioned, but long-distance correspondence.


4m, 4f

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