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Laughing Stock (Linney) - Collection / Anthology

Laughing Stock (Linney)

Romulus Linney

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822206439

GOODBYE, HOWARD. In a North Carolina hospital, three aging spinster si…

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Collection / Anthology


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

GOODBYE, HOWARD. In a North Carolina hospital, three aging spinster sisters wait for news of their brother's death. As they worry about breaking the news to their elderly mother, a brash young man—who seems to lack the proper respect for the aged and the dying—suddenly intrudes on the sad tidings. (2 men, 4 women.) In the second play, F.M., a creative writing teacher is at first appalled and then awed by the earthly brilliance of one of her pupils—a whiskey-guzzling, dirty-mouthed, vagabond—whose primitive genius puts his dilettante classmates to shame. (1 man, 3 women.)
Three skillfully written, highly entertaining and richly humorous plays by one of our theatre's most celebrated and imaginative playwrights. A critical and popular success in their production by Off-Off-Broadway's Manhattan Punch Line Theatre. "The plays abound in humor that is by turns gentle, satiric, probing and zany." —NY Times. "…marked by Linney's singular talent for stating wild ideas with high, simplifying intelligence and for drawing deft portraits of the half mad in which not a line is misplaced or wasted." —Time Magazine. "…he's a genuinely sage folk humorist." —Village Voice.
Romulus Linney

Romulus Linney

Romulus Linney was the author of three novels, many short stories, and forty plays, staged throughout the United States and abroad. They include The Sorrows of Frederick, Holy Ghosts, Childe Byron, Heathen Valley, 2, and a stage adaptation of Ernest Gaines' novel, A Lesson Before Dying.He won two OBIE awards, one for Sustained Excellence in Playwriting, two National Critics Awards, three ... view full profile

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