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Laughing Stock (Morey) - Full Length Play

Laughing Stock (Morey)

Charles Morey

Full Length Play

9m, 5f

ISBN: 9780822220732

LAUGHING STOCK is a hilarious backstage farce and genuinely affectiona…

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Full Length Play



Unit Set/Multiple Settings

"…a summer stock production of Dracula disintegrates into chaos on opening night. Gothic horror becomes high comedy amid misplaced technical cues, forgotten lines, wrong entrances and eccentric acting…the large audience howled with glee as they watched the mayhem unfold…" —Salt Lake Tribune. "LAUGHING STOCK soars as farce…" —Salt Lake City Weekly. "The delightful thing…is that Morey strikes a balance between a depiction of everything that can and usually does go wrong…and a genuinely affectionate look at the magic that holds theatre companies together…these are all type characters but Morey adeptly deepens and individualizes each one…The Dracula section and a rehearsal of Charley's Aunt where the actors improvise being animals at dusk around an African water hole are comic high point…" —Event (Salt Lake City). "LAUGHING STOCK will indeed have you laughing in your seat if not rolling in the aisles…It's hard to imagine anyone whose funny bone wouldn't be tickled by this one…it's a hoot…it's a blast…" —Monadnock Ledger (NH). "Scene after scene, beat after beat, LAUGHING STOCK piles on the laughs…every single piece crackles with successful wit and abundant humor…virtuoso farce…" —Keene Sentinel (NH). "I cried, I choked, I fell into a coughing fit, I cried some more…can't help but love this play." —Nashua Telegraph (NH).


9m, 5f

Charles Morey

Charles Morey

Charles Morey is the author of Figaro, adapted from Beaurmarchais' Le Mariage de Figaro, commissioned and produced Off-Broadway by the Pearl Theatre Company where it was named a New York Times "Critic's Pick." He has written stage adaptations of the classic novels The Three Musketeers, Dracula, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, A Tale of Two Cities, and The Count of Monte Cristo as well as The Ladies ... view full profile

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