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Lemons - Full Length Play


Kent Broadhurst

Full Length Play

8m, 5f

ISBN: 9780822206514

The scene is the showroom of Beuchel Goodee Motors in a midsized Ameri…

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DPS Acting Edition

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

The scene is the showroom of Beuchel Goodee Motors in a midsized American city, where several of the latest model Edgarand Beamus automobiles are on gleaming display. Also on hand are the fast-talking, commission-hungry salesmen who peddle the product; the officious, pants-suited office manager, Desenelle Peplow, who tries to keep them in line; and assorted customers who fall into their clutches. But there are problems beyond selling cars: Bud Goodee, the son of the ailing owner, is trying to fill his father's shoes while keeping a jealous eye on his sexy wife; his best friend, Wade Grady, is both the star salesman and the one Bud's wife is determined to seduce; while Berl Fancher, another salesman, is a recovered alcoholic with an outrageously obvious toupee who frequently wishes he was back on the booze. And as the action of the play races ahead hilariously we can see his point—although, happily enough, things do work out, with those involved remaining as breezily brash, greedy and tacky at the end of the play as they were at the beginning.
A rollicking but biting farce which pokes incisive fun at the foibles of that often shabby epitome of the American dream—the new car dealership. First produced, to international acclaim, by the Actors Theatre of Louisville, as part of the Humana Festival of New American Plays. "LEMONS is the funniest play I ever saw at Louisville." —Detroit Free Press. "…puts his tape recorder to good use in a hilarious, broad comedy about a day in the life of an on-the-skids auto dealership." —Christian Science Monitor. "…a robust rollicking farce about car salesmen and their customers which also managed to make some sly social comments about the American way of life." —The Irish Times.


8m, 5f

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