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Life With Mother - Full Length Play

Life With Mother

Howard Lindsay, Russel Crouse, Clarence Day

Full Length Play

8m, 8f

ISBN: 9780822206620

Most of the familiar figures in LIFE WITH FATHER are here as their cha…

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Full Length Play

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Most of the familiar figures in LIFE WITH FATHER are here as their characteristic selves: Mother, Father, the children and some others. This play shows the Day family in their summer home entertaining friends and relatives. The basic plot involves Mother's attempt to provide an engagement ring for one of the boys, who wants it for his fiancee. Though it happens that the engagement is of short duration, the desire for a ring is almost irresistible. Mother, never having had an engagement ring of her own, determines to get one. Mrs. Bessie Fuller Logan comes to visit the Days. She was formerly engaged to Father and when the engagement was broken, Father demanded the return of the ring. The former Bessie Fuller peremptorily refused to give it back. When Mother learns this she insists that Father go into action. This puts Father in a spot. Bessie plays a delightful game with him and, in the end, relents. The plot is further enriched by the introduction of cousin Cora's husband, Clyde Miller. Father almost meets his match in Clyde, who is an offensive know-it-all. When these two get in an argument, the sparks fly. Father practically kicks Clyde out of the house when Clyde blames Father because railroad stock Father had bought for Cora happens to decline a few points. Father characteristically explodes at Clyde's reflections upon his honesty, but that is satisfactorily settled when Vinnie buys back Cora's stock at a loss. The play ends when one of the younger boys sets off to Yale, after having been warned by his mother to be sure to put on warm clothes and eat the right food.
This is the delightful comedy that followed the famous LIFE WITH FATHER.


8m, 8f


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