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Little Victories - Full Length Play

Little Victories

Lavonne Mueller

Full Length Play

5m, 2f

ISBN: 9780822206804

Tempering historical fact with eloquent imagination, the author parall…

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Full Length Play


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Tempering historical fact with eloquent imagination, the author parallels the lives of two outstanding women on their journeys to self-fulfillment—Joan of Arc in medieval France and Susan B. Anthony in the American West of the nineteenth century. Both have elected to sacrifice personal happiness to a greater cause, and both must suffer the taunts and opposition of unyielding and often scornful men. Susan B. Anthony's quest for woman suffrage takes her, alone and vulnerable, into the rough and tumble world of the American frontier; while Joan must overcome the entrenched distrust of her own troops as she struggles to prepare them for battle. Richly interwoven with subtle period detail and warmly human vignettes, these separate stories are first contrasted and then united, when the two protagonists finally meet and commiserate about the sacrifices that their dedication has demanded of them. Both regret the absence of romance in their lives, and both admit to persistent fears and uncertainties, and yet neither will consider abandoning the awesome responsibilities that history—and their own unswerving commitment—has thrust upon them.
First presented by the Women's Project of New York's, this brilliantly theatrical yet very moving play traces the changing roles of women in male-dominated society by deftly juxtaposing the singular experiences of two famous but dissimilar personages: Susan B. Anthony and Joan of Arc. "…the imaginary comradeship between these two warriors becomes a subtle plea, a call for support among all women." —Village Voice. "LITTLE VICTORIES consistently holds our attention and earns our empathy as it humanizes feats of courage." —NY Times. "Intelligence and wit are much in evidence here…LITTLE VICTORIES is a wonderful play." —Other Stages.


5m, 2f


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