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Love is Contagious - Full Length Play

Love is Contagious

Patricia McLaine

Full Length Play

4m, 7f

Takes place in the Greenwich Village apartment of Sam Harway, artist, …

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Full Length Play


Interior Set

Takes place in the Greenwich Village apartment of Sam Harway, artist, and Robbie Winters, newspaper reporter. Robbie's sister, Sally, wide-eyed and fresh from the farm, unexpectedly arrives in the "big city" looking for a place to stay, and hoping her brother will take her in. Against his better judgment (and his roommate's advice) he does, and in no time she turns Sam's beloved art studio into her bedroom, adds feminine touches to the apartment, and makes friends with the landlady, the nosy spinster next door, a mercenary cab driver, a chronic horseplayer, a French pin-up model and other Village characters. She also helps to mend her brother's often-broken engagement with Diane, his career-minded girlfriend, and falls in love with Sam's painting and then (secretly) Sam himself. Warming up to her, Sam decides to give Sally a surprise birthday party, but the surprise is his when Sally invites his former (and jealous) flame to the affair, in a well-meaning attempt to make things right. Some tense moments follow, but the merriment never slackens, and true love, as it should, triumphs in the end.
A lark for players and audiences alike, the play has a joyous time proving that not only is love contagious but so is good humor. "LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS…is one of the best, funniest—and highly entertaining plays I have seen in a long time. If you want an evening of real entertainment, I recommend LOVE IS CONTAGIOUS." —Evening Sun (Norwich, NY).


4m, 7f

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