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Man Dangling - Collection / Anthology

Man Dangling

Murray Schisgal

Collection / Anthology

ISBN: 9780822207221

The first play, THE CONSEQUENCES OF GOOSING, is a wryly humorous study…

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Collection / Anthology


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

The first play, THE CONSEQUENCES OF GOOSING, is a wryly humorous study of the sad/funny problems that beset a middle-aged corporate attorney when, in a fit of euphoria, he apparently gooses a shapely young high-school girl on his way home from the office. The first question is: "Did he or didn't he?" The other (but equally important) questions are: Will his wife, his law partners, and society in general forgive him if he did? Needless to say, the answers to these questions provide moments of high humor, not to mention some telling insights into human nature. (1 man, 1 woman.) In the second play, HOW WE REACHED AN IMPASSE ON NUCLEAR ENERGY, a nuclear energy official, Dennis, returns from a lengthy trip abroad to find that his wife, Rosalind, has grown a beard! While very much a believer in women's liberation, the startled Dennis finds his openmindedness sorely taxed this time—which leads on to some very pertinent, and funny, observations about sexism, role-playing and the threat of nuclear annihilation. (1 man, 1 woman.) The third play, 74 GEORGIA AVENUE, is a deeply affecting examination of the bizarre developments that follow when a successful (but deeply unhappy) white businessman, Marty, decides to spend a few days in his boyhood home, in what has now become a black neighborhood. He encounters Joseph, the son of the now deceased black man who was once the janitor of the once thriving synagogue that Marty attended as a child, and whose recollections of those long ago years parallel his own. And, magically, these years are relived, as Joseph "becomes" the long-dead figures who peopled Marty's boyhood and who, in memory, have drawn him to his journey into the past. (2 men.)
First presented by New York's Apple Corps Theatre, these highly original and deftly written plays embody the offbeat humor and gentle pathos that mark this author's work. While each play is suitable for separate production, they are particularly effective as a triple bill, which is the only basis on which the omnibus title may be used.
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